Opening Statements

Good day and welcome to Policy Opinions!  Don’t let the appearance get to you, the site is just starting up.  I’ve created this blog as an alternative to my BelovedDisciple blog, my personal blog that concentrates on my spiritual journey and battle against the flesh.  That’s to say the least; however, this blog will track my opinions on the law, policy, and the future of both.  I understand that my opinions are founded in only what I know, being the sum of my up-bringing (family, culture, religion & education), my ancestory, my past and current realities (the local realities and mega realities that affect my perception of reality outside of the truth – the only true realities: God, the universe in motion, and our being in it and with Him).  And because my opinions only come from what its embedded in my self, either by mind or spirit, I can only know so much.  Therefore I enjoy digging deep to the root of things.  On policy opinions, I love to extract every side of view for why a bill was passesd, rejected, or just why news is newsworthy.

Policyopinions serves as my notepad to voice concerns on policies of all aspects that affect life here on earth and beyond.  Whether its immigration reform, religious persecution (French President Sarkozy’s ban women from wearing Islamic face veils in public & the Swiss ban on building minarets on mosques), or even space exploration and extraterrestrial policies (the birth of the privatization of space flight and 1967 Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies), I hope to bring you an open-minded and well founded opinion based blog covering all the issues that spark interest to me. Hopefully I’m not following the everyday news, and I can bring you a scope from the other side of the fence.

Why did I start this site?  Well first, I’m a law student fasicnated by the law, the policy reasoning behind it, and the many balancing acts courts hurdle to decide the future of our country.  Secondly, and most inspirationally, I spoke with Hipolito Acosta this afternoon.  He was speaking with my boss, Jacob Monty, on Saturday when I exited the elevator.  Jacob introduced me and we all chatted about immigration issues.  Hipolito’s experience was compelling, the conversation leaving my jaw dropped.  If you could put his knowledge and experience into two words, it would have to be Immigration Expert. Jacob told Hipolito that I have a blog which I voice policy opinions, including immigration issues.  I told them I did; however it was personal so to take it as is.  On the way home I thought about creating this site to voice the opinions, and keep beloveddisciple to my spiritual journey.    Lastly, I’m doing this site to track my opinions and attitudes from the past.

Where I sit today?  Check out my About the Author section, it too is a work in progress so expect updates.  God Bless, and may Christ be with You!